Parklex Prodema

Categories: Facades

Since 1968, Parklex Prodema has provided architects, designers, and contractors with a wide range of solutions. Parklex Prodema products are manufactured from natural wood for use in facades, flooring and ceilings.

Only with materials manufactured from natural wood is it possible to convey the sensation of warmth and beauty, quality and comfort that real wood can give a building. Parklex Prodema facade is manufactured from natural wood The proprietary manufacturing process gives the wood properties of strength and durability, making it ideal for use on building exteriors. When used in a ventilated façade system, the Parklex provides superior building envelope performance combined with beautiful aesthetics. In all climate zones, rainy, high UV areas, and freeze thaw areas, Parklex makes it possible to cover the façades of buildings with natural wood; giving them a look of quality and providing a comfort from the outside with all the benefits of rainscreen performance.

Key Attributes of Parklex Facade

  • Real wood veneer; facades have the natural wood look
  • Everlook Techonolgy provides UV protection and color tability
  • 4×8 panels can be cut to any size providing unlimited design option
  • 8mm and 10mm thicknesses for exposed and hidden attachment systems
  • Fire rated and non fire rated panels
  • E84 and NFPA 285 tests
  • ICC Evaluation
  • Very low maintenance
  • USA inventory