Weather Barriers

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The water-resistive barrier that’s both air tight and permeable.

DELTA®-VENT SA vapor permeable air- and water-resistive barrier allows moisture within the building enclosure to escape through the membrane via diffusion, meaning water won’t collect in the spaces between. By allowing moisture to escape, DELTA®-VENT SA eliminates the risk of mold and other costly problems caused by water pooling where it shouldn’t. Its vapor permeability and air tightness make DELTA®-VENT SA ideal for building and maintaining healthy and comfortable interiors while letting moisture out and improving energy efficiency.

The high-performance solution for energy-efficient construction.

A critical component of any energy-efficient building enclosure is reducing potential air leakage points. DELTA®-VENT SA improves the performance of the wall system by fully adhering to the substrate so fasteners are not required, eliminating leaks due to penetration. DELTA®-VENT SA is dimensionally stable and has the most tightly sealed and secure side laps in the industry. Using DELTA®-VENT SA helps builders meet energy efficiency specifications demanded by clients.

High-performance buildings need high-performance materials.

Better building performance depends largely on the building materials used. Using industry-leading technology, DELTA®-VENT SA creates a continuous water-, air-, and weather-tight barrier while staying highly permeable, so your buildings stay dry and last longer. DELTA®-VENT SA helps to reduce building issues and emergency calls, and contributes to longer-lasting buildings, improved occupant comfort, and client satisfaction.
Easier installation means a healthier bottom line.
Designed with applicators in mind, DELTA®-VENT SA comes fully adhered for simple and straightforward application, no fasteners required. With the self-adhesive edge-lap feature, ensuring an airtight overlap is easier than ever, taking the guesswork out of the application process. It’s lightweight, tear free, and works seamlessly with additional accessories in the system. DELTA®-VENT SA comes with clear and comprehensive installation guides and videos and technical documents that help reduce installation time and labor costs.


The best way to protect your open-joint cladding design.

Finalizing your design is only half the battle; you also need to make sure whatever you’re building stays protected. DELTA®-FASSADE S provides water, wind, and UV protection for your open-joint cladding designs with a water-resistive barrier that lets you build with complete confidence.

Weatherproof performance that won’t break down.

The first water-resistive barrier of its kind, DELTA®-FASSADE S is specifically designed for use on demanding open-joint cladding systems, where much of the insulation and substructure is exposed to the elements.

It acts as a durable drainage plane, channelling water from wind-driven rain and snow to the outside of the structure. The watertight membrane helps protect the building enclosure from the damaging effects of moisture infiltration, while its high vapor permeability allows moisture within the cavity to escape.

A water-resistive barrier that helps you stay innovative.

The matte black color of DELTA®-FASSADE S adds depth and dimension while improving the visual appeal of any project. Its UV-stable, water-resistive barrier allows you to maximize building protection without compromising design aesthetics, so you can keep creating open-joint cladding designs knowing your building will be completely protected. DELTA®-FASSADE S maintains its appearance and quality, so you know your building is protected without taking away from the aesthetics of your build.

The leading high-performance solution for the most demanding job.

Backed by years of proven performance and unmatched industry credentials, DELTA®-FASSADE S is known for its superior ability to protect buildings, resist UV rays, maintain the integrity of the insulation underneath, and complement any open-joint cladding design. Through extensive research, trials, and testing, DELTA®-FASSADE S comes out on top as the first UV-resistant, water-resistive barrier solution for open-joint cladding.


The Problem

To become more energy efficient, structures are now being built with extreme airtightness.
This is why air and water barriers are becoming increasingly important. Tighter buildings are designed to prevent outside air and bulk liquid from entering, while allowing damaging interior moisture vapor to escape.
Building wraps are often used even though they are easily damaged. This is primarily caused by the difficulty of properly installing building wrap; every staple hole, seam or wall intrusion allows for movement of air. Uncontrolled air movement can lead to unwanted condensation due to temperature differentials across the wall.

The Solution

More and more buildings are being built with higher-performance membranes to increase airtightness. The highest-performing barriers are fully adhered sheets that have a superior material as well as foolproof installation.
DELTA®-VENT S is a heavy duty, highly permeable water-resistive barrier and air barrier. The 3-layer, spun-bonded polypropylene is suitable for all wall applications.