Danpal® VRS System

Danpal is an award-winning innovator of translucent daylighting technology for high-performance building envelopes – walls, skylights and canopies.

Two-Panel System
The Danpal VRS System is designed with two independent glazing panels that are mechanically connected to an internal support structure. A key feature of this design is the internal cavity between the two glazing panels. The cavity can be filled with various inserts to customize the performance of the system based on the building’s requirements. The translucent daylighting system delivers outstanding performance, offering the best ratio of light transmission to insulation value in the industry, and is the ultimate in design freedom and flexibility.

Removable Skin Technology (RST)
The system is designed so that the interior and exterior glazing panels are independent of one another. Once installed, the interior panels remain intact, and each of the exterior panels can be disengaged and removed without compromising the integrity of the building envelope.
Removable skin technology ensures that if there is a future need for updating the exterior, those panels can be changed without interrupting ongoing building operations.

Bi-Color Panel Option
A different color can be selected for each of the two independent glazing panels that make up the system. As a designer, you may want to make a bold statement by using colorful panels on the exterior and utilize a neutral panel color on the interior for a clean, finished look. While glazing color combinations offer an opportunity for creativity, they also serve a practical purpose when tailoring the performance of the system. Each glazing color has an inherent solar performance. By varying the combination of the glazing colors, not only can you create unique visual elements, but you can also customize the solar performance of the system.

Longer Clear Spans
Due to the design of the internal support structure, the panel system can achieve longer spans and still comply with deflection and code requirements. The ability to span floor-to-slab minimizes the necessary support structure – reducing the cost of material and labor. It also improves the aesthetic quality of the system.

Nano-Cell® Glazing
Our patented Pentaglas® translucent glazing is precision engineered with Nano-Cell® technology. This specialized panel extrusion results in the cells measuring smaller than 0.18 inches, and provides the panel with increased durability and prolonged resistance to impact. The unique cell structure also significantly improves the quality and even distribution of glare-free natural light.

Specialized Performance Options
We understand that due to budget, occupancy and building type, not all building envelopes are made equal. That is why Danpal designed a system with an internal cavity that can be modified with additional inserts to meet the performance requirements of any building. Whether you need a system that can dynamically manage light levels in a classroom, meet forced entry standards for a military facility, or anything in between, we can help you achieve your performance goals.

• Dynamic Shading System
• Additional Insulation
• LED Lighting
• Sound Reduction (STC)
• Forced Entry Resistance
• Perforated Metal Insert

LED Lighting
With the integration of LED lighting, the daylighting system is transformed into an elegant night-lighting feature. With the flip of a switch, your building becomes a beacon of creativity.

Graphics can be used to create an iconic look or to reinforce a building owner’s brand through signage, logos, etc. Add textures, geometric patterns, or other unique visual elements to either the system’s interior or exterior, and produce different effects that are sure to make your building standout.