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ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ is an ICC listed, high-strength, fire, air, and water-resistant building enclosure system, commonly referred to as a Structural Insulated Sheathing (SIS) panel. Combining the best traits of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and polyurethane insulation, MaxLife Industries’ patented Fusion Technology fuses structural sheathing to the exterior face of our poured polyurethane insulation layer. This innovation combines four traditional enclosure components into one, and modernizes the installation of commercial, multifamily, and other wall assemblies. ArmorWall’s design allows wider creativity, while maintaining wall construction speed, efficiency, and code compliance. Having undergone rigorous testing, ArmorWall allows projects to meet and exceed continuous insulation (ci), building code, and green certification programs faster and cost effectively.

Key Benefits

Four-in-One System: ArmorWall combines four traditional building components into one: structural sheathing, continuous insulation (ci), fire-resistance, and an air and water-resistive barrier.
Fire-Resistant: ArmorWall passes NFPA 285 testing without the additive protection of an exterior cladding. This allows most UL tested, listed, and approved exterior finishes to qualify as part of the complete wall assembly.
Air and Water-Resistant: When properly sealed using ArmorSeal Sealant at all seams and fasteners, ArmorWall Plus passes ASTM E331 and ASTM 283 as an air and water-resistive barrier, without the need for additional materials.
Continuously Insulated: ArmorWall has a high-performance, poured polyurethane insulation layer fused to our sheathing using our patented Fusion Technology, which provides an easy way to comply with continuous insulation requirements in building codes.
High Strength: ArmorWall is capable of handling many different claddings, attachments, and hangers, all of which attach directly into the component layers of the sheathing and no longer require attachment back to the stud frame or substrate assemblies.

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ArmorWall Plus
ArmorWall Plus arrives complete to the jobsite with a factory-applied proprietary air and water-resistive barrier, the first coating ever made for Magnesium Oxide ArmorWall Plus offers industry-leading exterior adhesion performance and compatibility with tapes, sealants, and other materials. In addition, it provides a strong and smooth attachment point for exterior cladding materials.

ArmorWall Panel
ArmorWall is a factory uncoated SIS panel. This panel requires an on-site application of a compatible third party air and water membrane. ArmorWall is formulated for projects that have difficult transitions and require a field applied WRB such as self-adhered, or in a panelized application where transportation and movement may cause sealants and coatings to break down..

ArmorWall PB
ArmorWall PB is comprised of PermaBase® sheathing instead of the typical Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board. While the exterior face maintains the durable properties of other products in the ArmorWall series, it incorporates a drainage plane on the back side. This interior facing drainage plane is designed to sit against the water-resistant barrier and serves as a second drainage plane. ArmorWall PB is designed to accept direct adhered masonry, EIFS, and stucco applications while allowing a continuity between differing exterior finish materials. ArmorWall PB must be installed over a third party air and water barrier and gypsum sheathing

ArmorWall BG
ArmorWall BG is factory coated with our approved Below Grade water proofing. Although all ArmorWall panels are capable of being installed both vertically as well as horizontally, this panel is manufactured with the MgO sheathing capping both of the long dimension edges, yielding to a horizontal installation. ArmorWall BG is designed to continue the continuous insulation (ci) below grade, past the wall and foundation plane to allow for seamless transition and ensuring compliance with the latest energy codes.