StoVentec™ Glass

StoVentec Glass is an open joint drained and back-ventilated rainscreen wall system from a single source that combines superior air and weather tightness with excellent thermal performance and fire protection.  It incorporates noncombustible continuous exterior insulation and a continuous air and moisture barrier with StoVentro™ sub-construction and StoVentec Glass Panel to produce an advanced high performance wall assembly.

  1. Insulation
  2. Sub-construction
  3. agraffe profile
  4. board carrier profile
  5. StoVentec Glass


  • mineral wool faced with non-woven
  • thick insulant layer possible
  • system implementation also possible without insulation

Reaction to fire

  • limited combustibility
  • class B-s1, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1
  • fire barriers may be required in accordance with national specifications
  • high impact resistance
  • high stability in case of blast loads
  • low risk of injury even if glass breaks, thanks to full-surface bonding
  • can be applied to all wind load areas by adapting the sub-construction spacings without visible impact
  • improvement of up to 10 dB (A) in the sound reduction index
  • resistant to earthquakes

Area of application

  • new and existing buildings, installation limits in accordance with national building regulations
  • thick system build-ups (e.g. > 60 cm) possible
  • particularly suitable for public buildings with high requirements on explosion resistance, e.g. airports and railway stations
  • exterior and interior
  • masonry, e.g. brick, calcium silicate masonry units, cellular concrete, fair-faced masonry and masonry veneer
  • concrete, concrete slab construction
  • timber frame construction


  • by agraffe profiles, non-visible
  • Easily adjustable sub-construction made of a stainless steel-aluminium combination with the lowest thermal bridging coefficients
  • in timber frame construction with timber supporting battens
  • Creative possibilities
  • smooth, shiny surface made of tempered safety glass with a depth effect
  • panel facade with joints as design elements
  • standard panel up to 1.25 x 2.60 m possible